Chipmunk Chomps on 'Festive Lunch' Served by Atlanta Homeowner

A chipmunk in Georgia has been enjoying fine-dining on a regular basis thanks to Atlanta resident Angela Hansberger, who decorates a miniature picnic table and puts out food for the critter, who she has since named Thelonious.

Hansberger said her uncle had built her a “squirrel picnic table” in April but, moments after she placed it outside, it caught the attention of the chipmunk.

In the following days, Hansberger continued to put out fruits and vegetables for Thelonious, who kept coming back for more.

Hansberger then got creative, dressing up the table with different themes that Thelonious appeared eager to examine.

This video shows Thelonious enjoying what Hansberger described as a “festive lunch in a colorful wonderland,” while surrounded by tiny artificial Christmas trees.

While Hansberger hopes her efforts bring Thelonious a little happiness every day, she said his visits are doing the same for her.

“He has given me a lot of joy and eased a lot of anxiety about the pandemic, loss of work, and the wild election,” Hansberger told Storyful. Credit: Angela Hansberger via Storyful