Chips Ahoy Is Totally Changing Its Cookie Recipe

Even the packaging is getting a new look.

<p>Chips Ahoy!</p>

Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy! is recalibrating its famous cookie to bring you an even tastier treat.

On Wednesday, the brand unveiled its "MMMproved" recipe, which it calls its "biggest update in 10 years." The cookie, the company noted in a statement provided to Food & Wine, includes an improved texture and the "right" amount of chocolate chips.

"To start the process of creating an MMMproved cookie recipe, we identified which aspects of the cookie were most important and linked to customers' overall liking of the recipe," Sabrina Sierant, the senior director at Chips Ahoy!, shared. "Then we went to work in the kitchen, investing over 5,000 hours in creating more than 60 recipes, including one that even had 15% more chocolate. At the end of the day, we went with the recipe that kept what our customers liked most, including a nice balance of chocolate to cookie, and worked to make that cookie even better."

One focal point, Sierant noted, was blending in chocolate chips with a higher cacao content and a higher concentrate of Madagascar vanilla extract, which the team believes resulted in a more well-rounded flavor with less bitterness.

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"For the cookie itself, this new cookie has a richer base cookie flavor, a creamy chocolate taste, and just the right amount of chocolate chips. We even tweaked our batter mixing process, which creates just the right cookie texture," Sierant said.

Even the packaging is getting a new look, including an updated logo, a new cookie image, and a "more prominent background graffiti reflecting the brand personality with a matte finish that makes it all feel more modern and fun," the company's statement explained.

"We didn’t undertake this renovation lightly since our brand has been around for over 60 years – but we know consumers have more choices than ever, and taste is king when it comes to sweet snacks. So we felt we owed it to our fans to make sure we are constantly pushing ourselves to up our game, we couldn’t rest on our laurels," Sierant added. "We also knew that we equally owed it to Chips Ahoy! fans to make sure we kept all the qualities and taste they loved, that made us the number one chocolate chip cookie for all these years while giving them an even better cookie experience."

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Chips Ahoy! Isn't letting this monumental moment go by without a splashy campaign. It enlisted Keke Palmer to help curate a summer getaway, giving someone an all-expenses-paid weekend stay at a luxury beach house in Malibu. Fans can enter the Chips Ahoy! MMMProved Getaway Sweepstakes by following the brand's Instagram or Facebook pages and commenting on the pinned post.

But, the new cookies will be hitting select store shelves in March and will be available nationwide beginning in April, so really, we're all winners already.

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