Chloe Sevigny: Jennifer Lawrence Is 'Annoying And Crass'

Ben Arnold

Chloe Sevigny has laid into the way Hollywood markets women actors, and taken a swipe at Jennifer Lawrence.

Speaking to V magazine, the star of movies like ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and ‘American Psycho’ calls the movie business darling and ‘Hunger Games’ star known for her wacky behaviour and outspoken views ‘annoying and crass’.

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“So much is about marketing and selling the product,” she says.

“They’ll have a really peppy funny girl on the talk show rounds, and everybody adores her and loves her and wants to be her or f**k her, and then so many more people want to watch the movie or TV show.

“I understand that star quality, how much value that carries.”

The 40-year-old actress, recently seen in ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ then goes on to weigh up who are the real stars, and who she thinks aren’t, and that in her own career, she fears typecasting, admitting she’s ‘afraid that maybe people think there’s more personality than acting ability’.


“I love when a movie star is a great movie star. I think Angelina Jolie is a great movie star. I don’t think I can be that, or just be an actor,” she says.

“I don’t think I have the charisma. Which is probably why I never reached another level.

“I like Emma Stone,” she adds of the ‘Birdman star. “Whenever she’s herself, she’s really cute.”

“Jennifer Lawrence I find annoying. Too crass.”

Sevigny shot to stardom in Larry Clark’s controversial movie ‘Kids’, written by ‘Spring Breakers’ helmsman Harmony Korine.

She later received an Oscar nomination for her role in ‘Boys Don’t Cry’.

Image credits: Yahoo Celebrity/Rex Features