Chocolate Bruce Willis statue unveiled in Japan

Wonder what his head tastes like…

If you want to get something promoted in Japan, novelty is the way to go. So, to mark the release of ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ this Valentine’s Day, studio Fox wheeled out a life-size chocolate Bruce Willis.

You can sort of see where they’re going with this: Valentines, chocolate, machine guns? You know.

Check out bizarre Bruce below.

Uncanny... Chocolatey McClane and his real-life look-a-like (Credit: imgur)
The promotional event for ‘Die Hard: The Last Day’ (Japanese translation), also featured a cameos from franchise look-a-likes… yes that really is supposed to be “John McClane” in the vest.

We’re not sure who looks the least like him really - the actor or the statue?

You can find a video of the baffling event here.

Tempting... Die Hard appeals for the Valentine's date movie vote (Credit: imgur)Bizarre... Japanese PR stunt (Credit: imgur)