Choirboys told not to 'ogle' Mila Kunis

Actress is filming scenes for the Wachowskis' new sci-fi at Ely Cathedral

Choirboys at Ely Cathedral have been told not to look at Hollywood starlet Mila Kunis while she is filming scenes for a new film there.

Choristers and members of staff at the ancient cathedral near Cambridge were passed the decree in a memo, according to reports.

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Kunis... choirboys told to avert their eyes, according to reports (Copyright: Rex)

A source told the Daily Mirror that 'staff and volunteers at the cathedral have each received a memo instructing them not to bother the stars, or even make eye contact'.

“It is a real coup for Ely having someone like Mila filming and they realise how important it is to let her get on with her work without being bothered by overexcited choristers,” the source added.

“She and Channing [Tatum] have been squirrelled away, and they are being smuggled in so as to cause as little bother and distraction as possible. Much of the cathedral has been closed down as well to ensure filming continues seamlessly.”

The star of 'Black Swan' and 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' is filming scenes for 'Jupiter Ascending' – one of which is said to involve a zip-wire in the cathedral – with co-star Channing Tatum.

The film is the latest high-concept sci-fi from the Wachowskis, following their ambitious screen adaptation of 'Cloud Atlas'.

As well as Kunis and Tatum, the film also stars Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne.

Set in the future, the plot centres around Kunis's character Jupiter Jones, a lowly immigrant who poses a threat to the Queen of the Universe.