We have to choose ‘who lives and who dies’: Doctor describes harrowing experience in Gaza

Constant shelling on the Gaza Strip has killed at least 5,087 people and injured 15,270 more - leaving medical staff struggling to cope.

At least seven of the almost 30 hospitals in Gaza have been forced to shut down. On top of the relentless bombing, medical centres that are still open are struggling through power cuts and severe shortages of supplies.

One emergency room doctor told Euronews' correspondent Nebal Hajjo about his harrowing experience.

"Every day we receive more difficult cases than the previous day. Unfortunately, most of the cases are children and women," Dr Nour El-Din Al-Khatib told Euronews.

"Today, we have reached the point where we [have to] choose who lives and who dies according to the situation and who can benefit most from medical care."

Medical staff also live in constant fear for their loved ones, who could be among the victims at any time.

"If a bombing happens, as a result of the inability to communicate, tension and fear will certainly exist because any doctor can expect that one of his family members will be among the arriving wounded, and this has happened many times," he added.

"Many doctors have found their families among the martyrs and wounded. It is a very, very difficult feeling."

Watch Euronews' report in the video player above to learn more about his story.