Chris Evans slams President Trump's comments about being the 'chosen one'

Chris Evans attends ACE Comic Con on June 28 in Seattle. (Photo: Mat Hayward/Getty Images)
Chris Evans attends ACE Comic Con on June 28 in Seattle. (Photo: Mat Hayward/Getty Images)

Chris Evans is no fan of President Donald Trump, and on Wednesday, he slammed him again, following Trump’s remarks to the press about trade with China.

The actor took issue with Trump looking to the sky and stating, “I am the chosen one,” as he explained that he’s the one dealing with the issue, because no presidents before him did so.

Evans imagined how the politically conservative Fox News would have covered the same comment had it come from former Democratic President Barack Obama. “If Barack Obama looked to the sky and said ‘I’m the chosen one’, even as a joke (which this wasn’t), everyone at Fox News would look like they just peeked inside the Ark of the Covenant,” the Avengers: Endgame actor wrote.

At the same time, Evans retweeted someone else’s post that read, in part, “He’s not just talking about trade. He truly thinks he’s the chosen one, and so does his die-hard fan base of 35% of Americans who will never leave him. Impeach.”

Not surprisingly, Evans’s words were met with both cheers and jeers, but the fact that he’s Captain America made for more interesting responses than anyone else would get from such a post.

The negative responses to Evans’s tweet were more straightforward, with commenters saying the media treated Obama well, so he didn’t need to make such a statement. More than one person tried to compare Obama’s words about change during his first presidential campaign to Trump’s, although they didn’t get much support.

Still others took issue with the suggestion that Trump or anyone else could be the “chosen one.”

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