Chris Harrison Blogs 'The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All'

Chris Harrison
TV Host

Every year, when The Men Tell All comes around, it seems like it comes out of nowhere. One day you’re standing out in front of the Bachelorette mansion with Rachel as she nervously waits for the men she will go on this journey with and the next day she’s down to two — well, in this case, three — amazing men, but she must spend a day confronting all the others that she left along the way.

It’s usually quite cathartic, actually, as the men get to say to each other anything that has been on their minds in the many weeks that have passed, and for Rachel it’s a nice chance to reflect back on the crazy experience she just went through. And for all of us as an audience. it’s a lovely opportunity to put a bow on some unfinished chapters and also get ready to spend even more times with our favorites as we await the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise.

Once again, I don’t think there is much for me to say in response to some of the back and forths that went on during this wild show. Lucas and Blake speak for themselves, as do Iggy and Josiah. The same goes for Demario, who I think is saying exactly what he wants to say and he leaves it up to you to decide whether you think he’s in the right or in the wrong. I think there’s a lot of moral ambiguity in the way people choose to conduct themselves in this setting, but one thing that was not left ambiguous was the confrontation between Kenny and Lee.

Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay at ‘The Men Tell All.’

I’m really grateful for Kenny. He showed himself time and time again to be exactly who he said he was. A good man, a smart man, but first and foremost, a devoted father. I think it as one of the best moments I can remember during a Men Tell All when we got to bring his daughter onstage and let all of America see just how loving and and wonderful their relationship is. And there was no way we weren’t going to send them to Disneyland. The next day also happened to be Kenny’s birthday, so it all worked out pretty perfectly.

And then there’s Lee. Well, I feel enough has been said about him at this point, but I am glad we devoted some time to all of the controversy surrounding his tweets. I think it was one of the most important and unexpected topics of conversation we’ve had in a long time. Many parts of this whole thing were regrettable, but in the end, I hope some valuable lessons were learned.

As for Dean, he really took this opportunity and used every moment to grow and to learn and to challenge himself. Nowhere was that more evident than in his hometown date, and as you saw tonight, Dean used this opportunity to confront some issues from his past that he may never have confronted otherwise. I am hopeful that the door is now open for Dean and his family to continue to heal together. And I also know how fond most of you are of Dean. We are too, and that’s why we are so excited to have him join us this summer on Bachelor in Paradise.

Of course by the time Rachel comes out, we’re all ready for bloopers — but first I think it was important for her to spend a little time talking to Dean and Kenny and Adam and Matt (who you’ll see much more of in Paradise) before getting down to her final three men.

Well, one week from now, Eric, Peter, and Bryan will all be here for the Live 3-hour season finale you’ve all been waiting for. We can’t wait to watch it with you.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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