Chris Hemsworth reveals dramatic weight-loss for new film

Thor blimey! Aussie actor slims down for new role.

Lightweight... Hemsworth has shifted Thor bulk (Credit: Twitter/RonHoward)

He's usually renowned for his god-like physique, but a new photo of Chris Hemsworth revealed a slimmed-down look for the Aussie actor on the set of his next film 'In The Heart of the Sea'. 

Director Ron Howard, who previously worked with Hemsworth on 'Rush', tweeted the photo of the actor stood on the deck of a ship along with the caption "Gr8 to work w/Chris again- here he is about to rehearse on deck 4 In the Heart of the Sea."

['Thor 3' confirmed already]

The star is virtually unrecognizable save for his cheeky grin and golden locks, striking a pose in sunglasses and cap, before shooting on the naval movie gets underway.

Audiences who are used to seeing Hemsworth as Thor in the Marvel films may be shocked by his dramatic weightloss, but it's not unsurprising considering how vocal the actor has been in the past about the rigorous training routine which requires him to add 20lbs of muscle to achieve the Norse god look.

'In The Heart of the Sea' is based on the Nathaniel Philbrick book of the true story that inspired Moby Dick and features Ben Whishaw, Cillian Murphy, and Brendan Gleeson alongside Hemsworth. It's due in cinemas sometime next year.