Chris Hemsworth Rules Out Extreme Weight Loss For Future Roles

Chris Hemsworth lost 33 pounds for his role in Ron Howard’s survival-at-sea drama ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’ and it’s safe to say he wasn’t a fan of the experience.

Speaking of the extreme weight loss, the 'Thor’ star has revealed he won’t ever be losing such a huge amount of weight for any future role.

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Speaking to Wonderwall while promoting 'The Huntsman: Winter’s War’, Hemsworth said: “I don’t think I’d lose it again, no, because it’s just too exhausting.

"There are smarter ways of doing it now, I think, camera trickery and so on,” he added. A case in point would be Matt Damon in 'The Martian’, whose character’s weight loss was portrayed with the help of special effects after director Ridley Scott forbade the actor from losing the weight for real.

Hemsworth has a problem with losing large amounts of weight, but he’s happy to put it on. “I don’t mind going up to Thor weight and then going back down to my normal body weight,” he said. “It’s easier to put it on than it is to take it off.

"It’s not very much fun to not eat.”

Presumably the Aussie actor is in the process of putting the weight back on as he prepares for 'Thor: Ragnarok’ - which starts filming in June.

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Picture Credits: WENN

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