Chris Pratt Freaks Out In Jurassic World Dinosaur Prank

Ben Arnold
Chris Pratt Freaks Out In Jurassic World Dinosaur Prank

Chris Pratt should be used to the sight of dinosaurs by now, one would have thought.

But it seems that the sight of an advancing raptor can still give him the willies.

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Polish web prankster SA Wardega stitched up the Hollywood star of ‘Jurassic World’ a treat with his latest rouse posted online.

Hiding as he approaches along the corridor of what looks like the backstage area of a studio, Wardega and his raptors leap out causing Pratt some likely not inconsiderable cardiac trauma.

As we’ve come to expect from Pratt, he takes it brilliantly well, and appears to be a big fan of Wardega’s previous stunt, the freaky Spider Dog.

“The spider? That thing is freaking awesome!”

Last week the incorrigible Wardega had taken to a park with his rubber raptors to do much the same – but made it considerably more gruesome – to members of the public.

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