Chris Pratt NAILS His TOWIE Impression

Chris Pratt NAILS His TOWIE Impression

Oh, Chris Pratt.

Just when you think the big, loveable lug has surely exhausted all his loveable ammo, he smashes a TOWIE impression out of the park.

The ‘Jurassic World’ star popped up on Graham Norton, and gamely pulled out his best Essex accent to a stunned sofa featuring John Bishop and Jude Law (and Melissa McCarthy, who was a newcomer to the whole business, but seemed to appreciate it nonetheless).

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The star admitted that his wife Anna Faris got broadsided by the show when she came over to visit Pratt while he was filming 'Guardians of the Galaxy’ in London.

“We love that garbage TV back in the States,” he added.

“It’s this town, somewhere. Essex, I guess. These folks are just, like, the worst.”

He blamed picking up the twang on being a parent and mimicking, but no one expected such an impressive result.

Someone get this guy on a plane to Marbs, sharpish.