Chris Pratt shares his love for animated roles

The Guardians of the Galaxy star says animation is 'a fantastic way to work' as he lends his voice to The Garfield Movie. The Garfield Movie is in UK cinemas from 24 May.

Video transcript

Do you think perhaps voice acting is still a bit underappreciated because it's an acting skill in its own, right?

I mean, maybe, maybe less and less.

I think that we're starting to see that they're casting big names in, in voice talent.

And so I think people are being drawn to these movies, whether it be Jack Black and Kung Fu Panda or Steve Carell when he does uh the minions, you know, uh you've got, I i it's becoming, I think just like any uh leading role in a film, it's, it's coveted and, and, and sought after and, and, and, and rewarded handsomely.

So I think it's, I think it's a really fantastic way to get work.

I mean, I, and to, and to work for me.

I'm, I'm thrilled with it.

I want, I'd like to do, it'd be great to do nothing but voiceover if I could.

It's so close to home.

I get to in your pajamas every day.

I get home in town to tuck the Children into bed.

It's nice.

It's an opportunity to breathe my voice and spirit into iconic characters.

At least in this instance of doing voice acting.

These characters are ubiquitous.

Well, you know, Garfield's the perhaps most widely circulated comic strip character of all time.

So getting to be part of that and fulfilling what I didn't even realize as a kid was a dream.

You know, knowing who Garfield was as a kid and knowing that I wanted to be an actor, I didn't, it's kind of wild to think that I would be able to do that.

That's on the, on the mm macro scale on the micro scale, I think being close to home is really nice and not having to go through hair and makeup and being able to take your shoes off and go to a little sound stage and throwing some headphones and go to work for four hours and, you know, and also being able to do roles that my Children will be able to watch sooner than later.

I mean, some of my films I wouldn't want to show my Children until later in their lives, but they're young and they could watch a movie like Garfield because it's safe for all ages so that there's that reward as well.