Christian Bale and Ridley Scott Reveal Animal Madness On Exodus: Gods And Kings Set

Anyone familiar with the biblical tale of Exodus knows that animals feature heavily in the story.

But, as we learned from Ridley Scott and Christian Bale, it wasn’t locusts or frogs that caused the biggest headache on the set of lavish new epic ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’. No, it was the actually some incontinent camels that caused the biggest stink, figuratively and literally.

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“[The camels] were s******* in the sea,” Ridley Scott tells us in our exclusive interview above.

“There was a lot of poop,” adds Bale.

“There was a lot of poop in the sea. Camels walk into cold water and they don’t like it. They immediately go [to the toilet].” Scott elaborates.

“It’s not written in the Bible about how much camel poop there was.” jokes Bale.

Christian Bale Heaving
Christian Bale Heaving

The ‘Dark Knight’ star, who plays Moses in the film, says the biblical level of camel dung produced while they shot the parting of the Red Sea played havoc with Aaron Paul’s hyper-sensitive gag reflex, much to the actor’s amusement.

“All you have to do is [mimics heaving] near him and he’s off and running. Then his moustache falls off. It was very funny.”

Joel Edgerton, who plays Moses’ estranged stepbrother Ramesses II, says the animal chaos on set wasn’t just limited to the camels.

Joel Edgerton Snake
Joel Edgerton Snake

“[We had] snakes, an eagle, a cheetah, frogs… there was an elephant that sat on a car then got sent home to Germany.”

“In my very first scene I had a boa constrictor round my neck. Knowing the theory that animals can sense fear… I was already terrified [because it was my first day] then you shove a snake around my neck!

“I was staring at me and all I could think was: He knows that I’m terrified and I’m going to get bitten. It was fine [in the end] but it was terrifying.”

‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ is in cinemas on Boxing Day. Watch the trailer below.

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Image credits: 20th Century Fox