Christine McGuinness won't marry again

Christine McGuinness won't marry again credit:Bang Showbiz
Christine McGuinness won't marry again credit:Bang Showbiz

Christine McGuinness will never marry again.

Although it is two years since she and TV presenter Paddy McGuinness, 50, split, Christine has insisted she has no interest in dating or marrying anyone else.

She told MailOnline: "I’m pretty certain I’ll never marry again. I married once and thought I’d be married for life. It’s just not something I ever want to do again.

"I don’t want to explore dating at the moment — I’ve never even seen a dating app — it doesn’t excite me at all."

Christine, 36, insisted that she and Paddy - who still live together in their marital home, just want to keep things as civil as possible for the sake of their three autistic children, Leo and Penelope, 10, and Felicity, seven.

She said: "‘I always wanted my children to have both parents involved, regardless of our situation, and I’m happy that that’s the way it is. They have a mummy and daddy around, who love and support them.

"We want to share Christmases and holidays, so none of us misses out. And I think we’ve got enough mutual respect for each other to put our differences to one side.

"One thing that we will always agree on is that we want the children to be impacted as little as possible. We chose to have these children together, regardless of what’s happened between us, and we will co-parent them for as long as they need.

"If anything changes in either of our personal lives which might affect the children, or he wants to move on into a serious relationship and get his own place, then we would need to sit and talk about it again. But, right now, it’s working for us all.

"Time is definitely a healer. And I’m just very sure about my priorities: my children, my work and then me."