Christmas comes early as Lindsay Lohan shares trailer for new festive film

Lindsay Lohan treated her fans to an early Christmas present as she shared the trailer for her upcoming festive film which marks her return to the big screen after a lengthy hiatus.

In Netflix’s Falling For Christmas, the actress stars as a spoiled heiress who develops amnesia after a skiing accident.

Though Lohan is known for a variety of classic noughties films including Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, her last major role was in the 2013 erotic-thriller The Canyons.

The trailer for her comeback film opens with Lohan’s character Sierra Belmont waking up to top-tier service in a luxurious hotel room as her voiceover says: “When people look at me all they see is the spoiled daughter of the hotel magnate.

“I just want people to remember me for more than my last name.”

It appears her wish may become reality as disaster strikes when she takes a ski trip with her boyfriend.

After he proposes to her on a mountaintop, things go south as they get caught in a storm and she slips from his grasp and falls off the cliff edge.

She is later found by a lodge owner, played by Glee’s Chord Overstreet, who offers her a place to stay while she tries to recover her memories in the days leading up to Christmas.

As she prepares for the holiday season, the festive track Jingle Bell Rock plays in the background of the trailer, echoing back to a classic scene within 2004’s Mean Girls where Lohan’s character performs a racy dance routine with her friends for the school Christmas concert.

The upcoming festive film will also feature Jack Wagner as her father Beauregard Belmont, George Young as her fiance and Olivia Perez as the lodge owner’s daughter.

It was recently reported that the actress was on location in Ireland filming her second film for Netflix, Irish Wish.

Lohan’s breakout role came in the 1998 film The Parent Trap in which she played estranged twin sisters Hallie Parker and Annie James.

It was a critical success and helped launch Lohan’s acting career.

Falling For Christmas is set for release on Netflix on November 10.