Christmas light court battle forces family to move their amazing display

On The Great Christmas Light Fight, the Birkett family from Scottsdale, Ariz., were on the run from an old neighbor who didn’t much care for their Christmas spirit. Chris Birkett said, “We had a neighbor that did not like our display, so she pressed criminal charges against us. We were convicted of creating unreasonable noise to an individual knowingly and put on probation. We had a Class 3 misdemeanor that was slapped to us.”

Fortunately, the Birketts moved to a new house and now have neighbors who love Christmas almost as much as they do. The display on the front of their house was dazzling, and on the side of the house was a Western-themed village that was so impressive it was almost criminal. The Birkett’s Western village included a mine shaft that reached crazy depth through a cool optical illusion. There was also a Frozen-themed pool display and a huge castle on top of their roof. With such a stunning display, host Carter Oosterhouse couldn’t help but give these outlaws a Light Fight win.

The Great Christmas Light Fight airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Check out impressive Christmas display made of dumpster-diving treasures on The Great Christmas Light Fight:

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