Your Christmas or Mine 2's Cora Kirk wanted to avoid skiing cliché

asa butterfield as james hughes, rhea norwood as bea evrington and cora kirk as hayley taylor
Your Christmas or Mine 2 star on avoiding clichéColin Hutton

Your Christmas or Mine 2 brings back all the cast members of the first film ― including Cora Kirk, Asa Butterfield, Angela Griffin and Daniel Mays — and moves the drama to that most festive backdrop: a ski resort.

Although it's quite a tropey setup, there was one cliché that Kirk really wanted to avoid.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Kirk stated: "When Tom Parry, our writer, was talking about the second film, jokey-jokey hahaha, I said to him: 'You can't make Hayley unable to ski because that's not funny'. Like the Northerners not being able to ski, personally I think is trash.

asa butterfield as james hughes, rhea norwood as bea evrington and cora kirk as hayley taylor
Colin Hutton

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"And he was like: 'Yes, you're right'. So he made all my family able to ski, so the Northerners can ski, it's just me that can't ski. And I'm actually glad because I discovered I don't want to be able to ski."

"I can ski," Butterfield added. "But we weren't allowed to because of insurance stuff. So we both had ski doubles. [With] Cora's ski double, they had to keep telling her to be less good at skiing as she looked too good, even when she was falling over it looked very graceful."

This time, the cast are joined by 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski, which Kirk described as an "amazing" experience.

"We would get our hair and make-up done around the same time and I had a total Mean Girls moment - she would have a boiled egg for breakfast, so I started asking for a boiled egg," the actress explained.

the cast of your christmas or mine 2 posing for a picture on a snow covered mountain
Prime Video

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"She'd be having her boiled egg and I'd have mine and we'd be chatting and she'd be being really American and beautiful and cool and I'd be there with my boiled egg being like: 'Wow this is so cool'."

"It's really hard to slip into a group that's already established and be a part of it and make your mark. But yeah she did it amazingly and she was a real love, I think everyone really vibed with her," Butterfield added.

Your Christmas or Mine 2 is released on Prime Video on December 8.

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