Christopher Nolan in talks to direct new sci-fi film

The complex Interstellar has been inspired by the work of a famous physicist and written by his brother

'Batman' director Christopher Nolan is reportedly in talks to direct a new sci-fi film that has been written by his brother Jonathan.

It's thought that Nolan would both direct and produce 'Interstellar', which formerly had Steven Spielberg in place to direct.

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Nolan... in place to direct his brother's screenplay (Copyright: Rex)

The script has been inspired by the work of celebrated Caltech physicist Kip Thorne, and is said to involve a group of explorers travelling through wormholes into different times and dimensions.

Thorne is an expert on matters such as black holes, gravitational radiation, relativity, time travel and wormholes, while Christopher Nolan has form with bringing complex, conceptual plots to the screen after his mind-bending 'Inception'.

Meanwhile, the Nolan brothers have worked together on 'The Prestige', 'The Dark Knight' and 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

There is even speculation that Spielberg could still have a hand in the production, now that he has shelved his own high-concept sci-fi 'Robopocalypse' following script and cost issues.