Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' will be too long for Chinese cinemas

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Tenet (Credit: Warner Bros)
Tenet (Warner Bros)

Tenet, the Christopher Nolan blockbuster some hope will help revive the ailing cinema business worldwide, may have hit another bump in the road.

A new report from Variety has detailed how China is planning to reopen its cinemas following the easing of coronavirus lockdown measures.

Plans are in place to reopen screens in China on Monday with some stringent measures in place, including a 30% cap on capacity per screen, and half the number of screenings.

The country is also limiting duration of movies to a maximum of two hours.

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Tenet is two hours and 31 minutes long, according to reports from the Korean ratings board last week, with no word yet from the Chinese authorities over the fate of movies exceeding the two-hour threshold.

Tenet (Credit: Warner Bros)
Tenet (Warner Bros)

Nolan's movies have traditionally performed well in China, with Interstellar grossing $122m there alone.

It's just the latest bump in the road for a film with the movie industry's hopes of returning to some semblance of normality riding on it.

It was slated for release on 17 July, but the coronavirus lockdown put paid to that, with a rescheduled release date of 31 July.

The movie was delayed once again to 12 August, though with cinemas in the UK still to open fully, it's not yet known whether this date may shift too.

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But the stakes are enormously high for the Warner Bros studio, with the film’s budget sitting at more than $200m and just a fraction of cinemas around the world open.

It was announced over the weekend that cinemas in Barcelona will close following a spike in infections, with California also shutting screens last week.

Odeon and Vue cinemas in the UK are set to open at the end of the month.

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