Christopher Walken Wants to Know What a “Teaser” Is in Pre-Super Bowl Spot from BMW (Exclusive)

So … what’s a teaser, anyway?

A hallmark of the Super Bowl is big brands releasing a short teaser spot, teeing up their plans for the big game. BMW, in a new spot being released today teeing up its Super Bowl commercial, is taking that tradition and taking it to insidery new heights.

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The teaser (titled: “Agent”) sees actor Christopher Walken walking through an ornate lobby, talking on the phone to his agent.

“What’s a teaser?” Walken asks. “So, it’s an ad for an ad? Why would they do that?” before turning toward the camera, and seeing the BMW logo flash on the screen.


It isn’t exactly clear what BMW has planned for the Academy Award-winning actor (you’ll have to wait for Feb. 5 for that), but Walken has used his distinctive style and voice for Super Bowl ads before.

The teasers and super Bowl ad are directed by the prolific commercial director (and Academy Award nominee) Bryan Buckley, and were produced with agency partner Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P)

In 2016 Walken appeared in an ad called “Walken Closet” for Kia, and the following year he appeared alongside Justin Timberlake in a spot for the beverage Bai.

The Super Bowl has also long been a prime stage for automakers, who use the game to launch new models, or tout their corporate priorities like electrification.

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