Chuck Norris’ lost beard: a career in pictures

We salute 50 years of facial hair.

Thanks to our US colleagues for flagging up the sad news: Chuck Norris’ beard is... gone.

This earth shattering photo shows the 73-year-old star of movies like ‘Lone Wolf McQuade’ and the superb ‘Silent Rage’, enjoying the great outdoors totally clean shaven.

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From the luscious blonde hair/’tache combo of late-70s Norris, to the wild beard of ‘Missing in Action’, to the more manicured look he sported in ‘Walker Texas Ranger’, the star’s face-fuzz has been a fixture of his career. We’ve compiled just a few highlights below. Some images are so devastating, they might be NSFW.

Young Chuck... Norris began his career without a beard... (Credit: Rex Features)

...before growing this glorious blonde 'tache (Credit: Rex Features)Rugged Chuck... action star looks wild in 'Missing in Action'... (Credit: Rex Features)...but in the 1980s Chuck's beard became more refined (Credit: Rex Features)Relaxed Chuck... actor chills at home in a vest (Credit: Rex Features)Sweaty Chuck... star wears a towel in 'The Hitman' (Credit: Rex Features)Angry Chuck... Norris scowls at former Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee (Credit: PA)Post-modern Chuck... actor spoofed himself in 'The Expendables 2' (Credit: Rex Features)We hope that Norris’ shaving shenanigans won’t see him lose all his power, (kind of) like a very right-wing version of Samson.

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