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Chunky scarves are back. Here’s how to style them.

As several creators have already finished decorating for the holidays, there’s no better time than now to dust off your chunky scarves and style them from the final months of the year.

On Nov. 9, Richelle Zhang (@richellzz), a Toronto, Ontario-based content creator who has amassed one million followers on TikTok, took to the digital platform to share the three ways she styles her scarf for the winter.

In just five days of posting, Zhang’s video, which features the once-viral Acne Studios scarf, has more than 1.9 million views and 233,600 likes.

First, she ties her scarf in a “cozy” way, which involves looping it over her neck and tying it in the front as to create a chunky knot effect that comfortably hugs the neck.

“Reverse,” which the second way Zhang ties her scarf, is achieved by starting with the scarf aroung the front of your neck with the ends hanging down your back, and then crossing the two ends and bringing them over your shoulders toward the front. She then tucks each end through the neck loop.

Zhang’s last style of wearing her scarf is what she’s dubbed “simple.” For this method, you fold your scarf in half, drape it on the back of your neck and put the ends through the loop to create a cocooned, layered effect.

The origin of the blanket scarf

As for when the chunky blanket scarf first gained steam in popular culture? According to The Guardian, it was in 2012, when rocker Lenny Kravitz stepped out in a massive scarf that had people questioning whether it was a scarf or just a full-on blanket. Kravitz reignited the debate in late September, when he made his TikTok debut wearing the scarf in question.

“There are both practical and comfort elements to the trend,” Emma Macdonald, the co-founder of TBCo, a Scottish brand that specializes in wool scarfs told The Guardian. “Our customers are wrapping themselves up in them while working from home to stay warm. They’ll then leave the scarf on when they pop out for a walk or to get a coffee.”

The oversized and blanket sections, added Macdonald, are the greatest in demand for TBCo, also known as The Tartan Blanket Co.

Zhang isn’t the only TikToker who’s reaching for her chunky scarf these days. Several other fashion girlies on the app have shared videos of themselves styling their winter closet staple.

A weighty scarf-blanket hybrid that is as comfortable as it is chic? It’s no surprise this chunky, oversized accessory has stood the test of time, and continues to be a coveted piece that fashion’s best-dressed reach for each autumn and winter.

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