Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber shows off new angel tattoo in topless Instagram photo

Sara Feigin
Instagram/KaiaGerber: Instagram/KaiaGerber

Cindy Crawford's model kids are really going all out with new tattoos this month.

Kaia Gerber, 18, posted a topless Instagram photo showing off a brand new tattoo of an angel on her ribcage and her brother Presley, 20, recently debuted a face tattoo.

This isn’t Kaia’s first step into the world of body art. The model was tattooed by New York City-based tattoo artist Evan Tattoo with her brother Presley at the start of the year.

During their sibling session, Kaia received what appeared to be interlocking arms in the shape on a heart on her right shoulder and intricate flowers on her left wrist, while Presley got a few small tattoos on his fingers.

The 20-year-old is no stranger to tattoos. Most of his body is tattooed, including the backs of his hands, his neck and now his face.

Presley's face tattoo read "Misunderstood," to describe how he has felt for most of his life.

During an Instagram Live, the Superdry model said, "If I thought this was going to ruin my face or I didn’t want this, I wouldn’t have done it. I think that’s a pretty obvious thing.”

Kaia's celebrity fans approved of her new ink. Gigi Hadid, Alexander Wang, Ashley Benson, Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell all voiced their support.

Diplo wrote, "My like is the like of a gentleman," and Ethan Hawke's daughter Maya replied with the heart eye emoji.

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