Clarks Pens "A Love Letter to the Rave" for Its Latest Summer Campaign

Clarks is letting loose with its newest summer campaign and declaring its love for a good time, releasing, Sunset: A Clarks In Manchester Film.

The iconic footwear brand pays homage to Manchester's legendary '90s rave scene, taking viewers on a trip back in time for a night out on the town. Featuring a well-dressed crew engaging in the usual post 9 p.m. antics, the nostalgic short film shifts from 1991 to present day. Sunset beautifully captures the universal quest to have "the night of your life," embodying Clarks' undeniable authenticity. It's unsurprising that the utilitarian yet stylish footwear was a staple for underground scene kids.

"I've always worn Clarks, Wallabees in particular. The brand has genuine authenticity in so many communities and cultures. It was important to join the dots between the past and the present and to show how echoes of the past are just as relevant with the youth of today," Director Glenn Kitson shares in an exclusive press release.

The beloved Wallabee shoe glides on the dance floor, arriving in three statement-making designs. The cheery Daisy design is for the free-thinkers who like to pontificate on the sidelines, while the Swirl print opts for a psychedelic aesthetic. Elsewhere, harmony can be found within the Yin-Yang silhouette as earthy tones come together to form the timeless motif.

Watch Sunset: A Clarks In Manchester Film below and take a look at the new Wallabees in the gallery above, which are available to shop on Clarks' online store.