Classic Star Wars Characters Will Appear In Star Wars Rebels, Says David Oyelowo (Exclusive)


Actor David Oyelowo has revealed that some of the saga’s best-loved characters will show up in the new animated show, ‘Star Wars Rebels’.

Talking to Yahoo, the British star says, “There are very exciting characters that emerge in this, that audiences know and love and they make very surprising appearances within the show itself. There’s a definite wow factor.”

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Oyelowo voices Agent Kallus, a member of the Imperial Security Bureau and one of the primary baddies in the Disney XD series, which is set in the 20 years between ‘Episodes III’ and ‘IV’.


“The Empire has a very strong foothold, powerbase-wise and like any dictatorship, they want to make sure that remains the case.”

Kallus’s boss is the Inquisitor (voiced by Jason Isaacs), a Jedi Hunter who fans suspect might crop up in ‘Episode VII’, possibly played by Max Von Sydow. It’s also been speculated that Adam Driver will be playing someone either similar, or possibly descended from him.

Like everyone else attached to the series, Oyelowo is tight-lipped, even in the face of our aggressive questioning. But hey, we’ve got to try, right?

Will you appear in ‘Episode VII’? “I have to say I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not.”

Is the Inquisitor is ‘Ep VII’? “ I can’t possibly reveal or deny anthing with regards to that.”

What about Kallus himself? “I do know that for my character there are some very nice and far-reaching plans. He has ravenous ambition.”

How much do you know? “What you’ll get every now and again, just as you’ve said a line or are about to say a line, one of the producers will let slip that this is a huge nugget or a huge seed being planted for something that’s about to happen in the future. But you can even see them catching themselves and going, ‘no, we’ve decided not to tell the actors that, be quiet!’”


What we do know is that there will be equipment, places and other hardware showing up in ‘Star Wars Rebels’ that will definitely play a part in the franchise moving forward.

“[The show] gives a great amount of context to not just what went on between Episodes III and IV, but these episodes that we’re doing are integrated with the new films and it gives context to things you are going to be seeing in those films,” explains Oyelowo. “The whole idea with the new ‘Star Wars’ films, the spin-off films as well as ‘Star Wars Rebels’ is that you’re gaining a lot of context with the ‘Star Wars’ universe both past and what is to come in the future. So there’s a lot to be revealed.”


‘Star Wars Rebels’ launches on Disney XD on 3 October.

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Photos: Getty Images/PA