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8 unsexy cleaning products that will honestly make your life sexier (and cleaner)

I firmly believe that cleaning products fall into two categories: Sexy and unsexy. Yes, there is a big difference. And you need both.

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Sexy cleaning products are the ones you know you need and/or desperately want. Think: A Dyson vacuum, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and Clorox wipes. Meanwhile, unsexy cleaning products are things you don’t think you need. Those things that look like they belong on the shelves of a local hardware store, and you would never even think about buying on Black Friday. Again, a Dyson cordless vacuum exists, so why would you get a portable carpet cleaner?

But the world is full of unsexy cleaning gadgets that will transform your home into a clean, sexy space. We’re talking about steam cleaners, drain snakes, car detailers and dryer vent cleaners. Yes, dryer vent cleaners. Scroll below to shop the best unsexy cleaning gadgets you can grab on Amazon right now.

Over 52,000 Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this non-toxic steam cleaner that uses, well, steam to clean nearly any surface.

$26 at Amazon

Not-so-fun fact: Your dishwasher doesn't actually get clean every time you run it. These little dishwasher cleaner tablets are ideal for preventing limescale and mineral buildup. Plus, your dishes will be a lot cleaner.

$9 at Amazon

Oh, you also need to be cleaning your washing machine! Like the dishwasher cleaner, this washing machine cleaner requires no effort.

$13 at Amazon

Speaking of laundry, you need to clean your dryer vent beyond just wiping the lint tray. This tool goes super deep into the dryer to get all of the excess lint out. It both reduces the risk of fires and keeps your dryer running smoothly.

$8 at Amazon

This little carpet cleaner went viral on TikTok a few years ago — and it's still one of the most popular TikTok gadgets out there. Watching it suck up the dirt and gunk from your couch and other fabrics is so satisfying.

$89 at Amazon
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$124 at Wayfair

Disposable mop pads are not exactly eco-friendly, but real mops are so messy. So, JOYMOOP is basically the fairy godmother of mopping. It's a mop, bucket and wringer set that lets you wet, squeeze and clean your mop without all the messy splashing.

$40 at Amazon

The last thing you want to think about is that horrifically gross hairball tangled up in your shower drain right now, but you'll have to clear it out eventually. Instead of buying Drano repeatedly, this drain snake with patented micro hooks will do the trick.

$20 at Amazon

If you only knew how much dust is left behind every time you "dust" (read: lightly flutter over) your blinds, you would be shook. This lil blinds cleaner will help you get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

$13 at Amazon

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