Pool drama at the Clooneys' ahead of the Obamas' Italian visit

Katie Archer

Even Hollywood A-listers get that sinking feeling when a friend you want to impress is coming to stay, but you have a last-minute home disaster.

George and Amal Clooney were getting ready to host pals the Obamas at their luxurious Lake Como home for the weekend, but they were plunged into drama when they realised their pool was ice cold and only half full.

With the former President of the United States, First Lady, and their two daughters on their way, the Clooneys had to scramble to get the pool sorted for their arrival.

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Bodyguard Giovanni called in plumber Dante Penne, who told the Corriere Della Serra newspaper: “What a race, I arrive and they are all upset. Giovanni says to me ‘hurry up, hurry up!’

“I said, ‘Let me work, otherwise I won’t be able to fix it.’”

At first, Penne had no idea who the Clooneys were so keen to impress, but after saving the day he was rewarded with a selfie with the Ocean’s Eleven star, who he said was dressed in a sweaty t-shirt.

The Obamas have been touring Europe and visiting their famous friends after youngest daughter Sasha graduated high school.

Last week, they began their holiday on the French Riviera with Bono and The Edge, before moving on to Provence, Milan, and then the Clooneys’ Villa Oleandra in Laglio.

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After arriving at the villa - restored to having a fully functioning pool - the Obamas were spotted on a boat with Clooney heading to a formal event.

It’s likely they were on their way to a charity dinner for The Clooney Foundation for Justice, founded by human rights lawyer Amal and her actor husband to keep check on governments trying to use their legal systems to persecute their political enemies.

And thanks to Penne, they’ll all have been able to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool.

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