Can You Make Cold Brew Coffee Using Nespresso Pods?

Cold brew being poured from a pitcher into a glass with ice
Cold brew being poured from a pitcher into a glass with ice - Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Coffee machines are a reliable source of warm and energizing brews, but lovers of cold coffee are usually out of luck with these gadgets. Hot water is essential to properly extract flavor from coffee grounds in machines, so if you want an iced coffee, you just have to wait for the coffee to cool. Still, the love for cold beverages is undeniable, and some coffee brands are now trying to make instant cold coffee a reality-- cold brew included.

Cold brew differs from regular iced coffee in that it often needs multiple hours to brew, but some coffee machine brands are taking on the challenge of brewing it in minutes anyway. For example, for all cold brew lovers with a Nespresso, you're in luck. This is one of the few coffee machines that actually has a cold brew-style pod.

Just like with traditional cold brews, this Nespresso pod has low levels of bitterness as well as subtle notes of sweetness and mild acidity. Recommended for 12-ounce cups, for now Nespresso's Cold Brew Style pod is only compatible with the Lattissima, Vertuo Creatista, Next, and Pop Plus machines. While normal cold brews might take multiple hours to soak up all the hidden notes of the coffee grounds, this style is meant to brew and be enjoyed in a matter of minutes, so you don't need any fancy gear to make cold brew.

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How The Nespresso Cold Brew Pod Works

Nespresso coffee dispensing into a mug next to coffee pods
Nespresso coffee dispensing into a mug next to coffee pods - Giuseppe Elio Cammarata/Shutterstock

Cold water does not have the power to instantly extract flavor from coffee grounds, which is why traditional cold brews require multiple hours to brew. So, how is this Nespresso Cold Brew Style pod different? Well, a method of brewing coffee known as "hot bloom" inspired Nespresso to perfect this particular cold brew pod. That technique involves making cold brew by slowly pouring a small amount of hot water over the grounds first to extract all the flavor.

After the coffee "blooms" like this, you finish brewing the coffee with cold water. This allows the flavor of the coffee to come through while keeping the temperatures cold. While this process won't give you an exact cold brew taste, it's a happy middle ground between those cold and hot coffee flavors. That same method of brewing can happen with a Nespresso machine. When the cold brew pod begins brewing, hot water comes out first to extract the flavor from the beans.

Then, cool water comes out next to finish off the brewing process, rounding out the coffee with subtly sweet flavors. For the best results, Nespresso recommends filling your machine with cold water before you brew and adding ice to the cup once the coffee is finished. Now, you can make your own cold brew with the simple touch of a button.

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