‘Colossal’ Trailer: Anne Hathaway Causes Some Serious Carnage (Exclusive)

Ethan Alter
·Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Anne Hathaway gets in touch with her inner Godzilla in Colossal, writer-director Nacho Vigalondo’s twisted take on a Japanese kaiju creature feature. Yahoo Movies first caught the film at its world premiere at last year’s Toronto Film Festival, and now we’ve got your first look at the official full-length trailer. (A shorter teaser appeared in January.)

Colossal casts Hathaway as Gloria, an alcoholic who returns to her hometown after her big city life is washed away by a steady stream of boozy nights and hung-over days. Once there, she reconnects with old friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) but continues to struggle with her self-destructive tendencies, even more so when she discovers that said tendencies are resulting in actual destruction. Somehow, Gloria shares a mental link with a towering creature that’s currently rampaging through Seoul, and she can only control the beast by controlling herself.

There’s more — much more — to Vigalondo’s increasingly elaborate tale, which puts Being John Malkovich, Leaving Las Vegas, and Godzilla vs. Mothra in a blender and presses purée. But we’ll leave you to discover those colossal plot twists for yourself when the movie hits theaters on April 7.

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