Confirmed: Wolverine to time-travel in ‘Days of Future Past’

Ryan Leston
Confirmed: Wolverine to time-travel in ‘Days of Future Past’
The time-travelling Wolverine.

After months of speculating, it looks as though 'X-Men' poster boy Wolverine will be the time-travelling mutant… taking over Kitty Pride's role in 'Days of Future Past'.

Fans of the Marvel comic-book will no doubt remember that Kitty Pride (otherwise known as Shadowcat) was the original time-travelling X-Man… transferring her consciousness into the body of younger self. But while Ellen Page was rumoured to be taking a more central role in 'Days of Future Past' it looks as though Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will (once again) be the centre of attention.

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At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, director Bryan Singer reportedly confirmed that after a bit of jiggery-pokery, it's Wolverine who will be travelling back to the '70s.

"Basically the notion is that Hugh of the future is sent… his consciousness is sent into his younger self [and] Hugh gets to play both parts because [Wolverine] is ageless."

Of course, this is a big difference compared to the original comic-book… but if you ask me, it's one that simply makes sense. Not only does it make good use of the most recognisable face in the 'X-Men' franchise, but it's a nice use of Wolverine's signature lack of ageing… allowing Jackman to play multiple version of himself with ease.

"The goal was to make a film that would bring the casts together," Singer explained at a press conference before the X-Men panel. "Time travel or displacement would be tool we could use to do that."

And with some preview footage from the highly-anticipated 'X-Men' movie, it looks as though we're in for a real treat.

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The preview clip shows Hugh Jackman's Wolverine being sent into the past to "end this war before it ever begins." And judging from what we know so far, it looks as though the war in question is between the future mutant population and Bolivar Trask's Sentinels.

"So I wake up in my younger body," Logan says. "And then what?"

"Find me," Xavier explains. "Convince me of all of this."

Expected to be released in May 2014, 'Days of Future Past' is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting 'X-Men' movies to date… and I have to admit, every glimpse of footage and every new bit of information makes me all the more excited about this ambitious movie.

What do you think of 'Days of Future Past'? Do you think Wolverine should be the time-traveller? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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