Connor McDavid dresses up as Donald Trump for Halloween


Halloween is a time to throw away your day-to-day garb in favour of a costume that is eerie, creepy, funny, or downright frightening.

For this year’s occasion, Connor McDavid decided to dress up as a character that reflects all of the above: United States president Donald Trump.

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McDavid’s girlfriend posted a photo to Instagram on Monday showing the Oilers captain suited up as Trump, complete with hair, eyebrows, dark jacket, white shirt, red tie and an American flag pin. He even nailed the token Trump pose and “point.”


Of course, several people have already found some reason or another to hurl angry sentiments towards the couple on Instagram and Twitter. Many are upset that McDavid would have the audacity to dress up as the POTUS, for halloween, as a joke.

Yet, by the same token, the hockey world begs the game’s biggest stars to show a shred of personality on platforms which can help grow the game amongst new and fringe fans. But when they do — when arguably the best player in the world tries to let loose for just a night — the mobs come swarming in, often quickly.

And we wonder why the NHL’s best on the ice always feel the need to stay so quiet and mundane off of it.