Conservative House Freedom Caucus Urges End to Debt Talks, Senate Vote on GOP Bill

(Bloomberg) -- The hardline conservative House Freedom Caucus called for an end to bipartisan talks to raise or suspend the federal debt limit, insisting instead that the Senate vote on the House Republican bill passed in April.

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There should be “no further discussion” on the debt limit in the meantime, according to a statement from the group on Thursday.

The caucus said Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Senate Republicans must “use every leverage and tool at their disposal” to ensure that the GOP bill — which passed the lower chamber in April — is signed into law. Democrats, who control the Senate, have opposed that bill’s sweeping spending cuts and annulment of large parts of the Biden administration’s climate agenda.

Members of the Freedom Caucus have said in the past week that their bill to raise the debt limit needs to move forward as-is, but at the same time have stood behind McCarthy as he has negotiated with the White House.

Earlier Thursday, McCarthy said that “I can see now where a deal can come together.”

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