Cook Up Fresh Corn On The Cob In The Air Fryer For A Quick Weeknight Meal

Stack of seasoned corn cobs
Stack of seasoned corn cobs - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Corn on the cob is a classic crowd pleaser, especially in the summertime when it's sweet and in season, and it makes a perfect partner to burgers and hot dogs, seafood and cold pasta salads, and fresh lemonade, and they're as fun to eat as they are tasty.

But the idyllic vision of the picnic table with a pyramid of grilled or steamed vibrant yellow cobs doesn't account for all the behind-the-scenes. Whether burning husks and corn hair on charcoal grills or losing track of time and oversteaming a pot of corn on the stovetop, these precious natural gems can become a serious pain and a total production. This is why, on an average weeknight, making corn on the cob might feel like more work than it's worth. Fortunately, there's a fast, easy, and nearly foolproof way to get the job done any day of the week: By simply cooking your corn in the air fryer.

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How Your Cobs Cook Perfectly In The Air Fryer

Corn cobs in air fryer
Corn cobs in air fryer - SalmySaznira/Shutterstock

Air fryers are a particular technology well-suited to corn's size, shape, and composition. Because they're technically shrunken versions of full-sized convection ovens, what happens inside is not just an even circulation of hot air but a concentrated one.

When it comes to corn, this means you can expect heat to reach all sides of the cylindrical vegetable. Also, you don't have to fuss with flipping like you would on the grill or making sure you have a pot large enough to fully submerge your corn in the case of boiling. You can simply allow the corn to bask in the heat — about 400 degrees Fahrenheit — for around 14 minutes once your appliance is preheated. Just make sure to coat each with a little oil beforehand, and soon enough, you'll have a sweet, juicy ear of corn with perfectly caramelized kernels thanks to all that concentrated natural goodness within. And if fresh corn isn't in season or on hand, you can even use your air fryer for loose frozen corn in a pinch, and either way, rely on a quick and simple any-night meal that can be served so many ways.

Serving Your Air Fried Corn On The Cob

Corn cobs with various seasonings
Corn cobs with various seasonings - Kajakiki/Getty Images

It's simple enough to slather on a little butter and lime salt and snack on your air-fried corn on the cob all by itself. That said, it's also an ideal addition to so many meals. On taco night, add some cheesy taco-spiced butter, or turn them into Mexican street corn (elotes) with a little mayonnaise, lime, and spice. You can even opt to go with the shareable, spoonable Mexican street corn salad, which is delightful as a side but can even be used to top your fajitas.

When cut from the cob, your caramelized kernels make a great complement to the smokey flavor of cured meat in a corn and bacon side dish that's perfect along with barbecue, steak, or chicken, while the sweetness and salinity of a crab and corn salad benefits from bright tomato acidity, all married together with creamy avocado. With this simple process, you can dream up endless applications for this versatile and delicious staple food.

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