Coors Light Launched an Advent Calendar to Keep Basketball Fans Chill Over March Madness

This is the perfect thing for when your bracket falls apart.



Coors Light doesn't want the Christmas holiday season to have all the advent calendar fun.

On Monday, Coors Light announced it's launching a 21-day "advent-inspired" calendar just in time for March Madness for all the college basketball fans to enjoy. And this advent calendar has a specific goal: To chill you out when your bracket inevitably falls apart.

“Between busted brackets, fairytale stories, and game upsets, March is definitely not chill for college basketball fans,” Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing at Molson Coors, shared in a statement provided to Food & Wine. “Coors Light doesn’t want a busted bracket to break you, so we’re bringing chill through our countdown to chill calendar, inspiring fans to Choose Chill throughout the tournament.”

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As Coors Light noted, basketball fans have about a 1 in 120.2 billion chance of filling out a perfect bracket, meaning, yes, there are plenty of upsets to come. But its advent calendar is filled with all the tools you need to stay calm, including Chill Tea for you to sip, some Press-On Nails by Dashing Diva for "all those nail-biting moments," a Glass Slipper Charm for the moment "when some team's fairy tale season is starting, and “A Little Help Please” Candle, a miracle candle for you to light to help you cast a winning spell for your team.

The calendars are available for purchase starting today at noon Eastern for $21 each (in honor of the 21-day tournament at However, the calendar isn't the only thing the company has going on this month. It's also hosting "chill giveaways to keep college basketball fans cheering," including ESPN+ subscriptions, Coors Light merch, and custom, limited-edition Coors Light sneakers. Stay tuned to its social media channels for all those drops.

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Of course, if you're an employee of Warren Buffett, you could always hold out hope that he'll once again offer his "perfect bracket challenge." In 2014, Buffett opened the challenge to employees of Berkshire Hathaway, stating that anyone who filled out their bracket with 100% accuracy would win $1 billion. Over the years, the challenge winnings became $1 million a year for life, which we'd still happily take. There's no word yet on whether Buffett is doing the same in 2024, so there's still time to apply for a job and enter once you're hired. 

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