'Corbyn is one of the most attacked and vilified politicians', says Shadow Cabinet member

Staff writer

The Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Dan Carden told LBC on Sunday that it is "terribly sad" how the media has treated Jeremy Corbyn.

Andrew Castle asked Carden: "If he's doing such a good job and you have so much to offer, why are his poll ratings lower than any other recorded in history?"

Carden responded: "Jeremy is one of the most attacked and vilified politicians, leading the opposition party for the last four years."

He added: "I think it's a terribly sad state of affairs that the media has done this to a politician."

Castle said: "You don't have to look very far for criticism from people formerly very close to Mr. Corbyn about his leadership.

"This isn't media story. You mustn't keep saying that.

We're not the enemy, we're reporting something here."

Carden responded: "What I see is when Jeremy travels the country is the thousands of people that come out and greet him and cheer him as he talks about his plans for the country.

"What I see when Boris Johnson travels the country is people booing and shouting."

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