Coronation Street: Leo's death is announced

Episode 11,065 – 11,066 | Airs Wednesday 20 September 2023 at 20:00 on ITV1

A loved-up Jenny tells Stephen it's time he moved into the pub.

Stephen returns to work full of the joys, but his mood soon changes when he hears a body has been found on Ed and Ronnie's building site. Masking his inner turmoil, Stephen makes out he's got a migraine.

Back at the pub, Stephen presses Ed for more details. When Ed confirms that it was definitely a man's body, Stephen's heart sinks.

A uniformed Craig calls at the pub and breaks the news to Jenny that the body is that of Leo's. Jenny reels in shock, is the game up for Stephen?

Meanwhile, as Peter wonders what Ryan is going to do for money, he assures him that his fitness videos are really starting to pay off. The ante upped, a nervous Ryan agrees to a call where he talks dirty to the guy who messaged him.

When Peter overhears, he tells Carla that it's no wonder Ryan spends so much time in his room as he heard him having phone sex. Daisy listens, unnerved, before confronting Ryan to ask what's going on.

Elsewhere, Dee-Dee breaks the news that the investor has pulled out of the building project. Ronnie reckons they should cut their losses, but Ed's adamant it's too late to pull out. Alone, Ed watches the horse racing, adrenaline pumping.

Also today, relations are strained between Todd and George as it quickly becomes clear Lee is not cut out for the job but neither wants to admit it.

Finally, Paul goes over Shelly's funeral arrangements with George and explains he's written some words about her that he'd like placed with her body.

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