Coronation Street viewers DIVIDED over SHOCK Amy storyline

 Amy chooses action over education.
Amy chooses action over education.

Coronation Street viewers were left in shock last year after Amy Barlow took matters into her own hands.

The latest episode of Coronation Street (which aired Friday 15th November 2023) saw Amy visit a bar with the intention of weeding out and exposing predatory men.

After coming into contact with a man who was attempting to spike a woman's drink, Amy swaps the drinks so he's drinking the spiked drink.

But the storyline has divided fans. Some weren't happy with the storyline, while others praised the 'fantastic' performance.

One fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter): 'This Amy storyline is stupid. He tried to drug her, they took him for a car ride and then took him to hospital, why would they get done.'

While another said, 'Oh Amy. I love watching @ElleJMulvaney she is such a fantastic young actress.'

And a third wrote, '2 Questions: 1. Why didn’t Amy call the bouncers and ask them to call the police to report this guy for spiking drinks, what was the Driving him to an industrial area about & 2. Why does Steve keep talking in that silly voice like an idiot.'

And another Corrie fan questioned, 'How long before Amy becomes jailbird and follows in her mothers footsteps.'

While another replied, '…and her grannies!'

To which another responded,  'I forgot about Deidre's spell behind bars That family

While another wrote, 'The fact that Tracy and Amy could be partners in crime and that’s something I want.'

While another said, 'I get what Amy is doing but she could get herself arrested for this if she isn't careful.'

Will Amy face the consequences of her actions?

Tune in to next week's episode of Coronation Street to see what happens next. 

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