Coronation Street's Abi outsmarts drug dealer Dean

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Coronation Street's Abi Webster came to Cassie Plummer's rescue in Monday's episode (September 4) after more trouble with drug dealer Dean.

Abi issued a worrying threat to Dean after discovering that he was bullying Cassie over an unpaid drug debt.

The latest visit to Weatherfield saw Cassie arrive at the garage for her first day at work after her son Tyrone Dobbs kindly gave her a job there.

Dean soon appeared to spoil the mood, reminding Cassie that she owed him £50 for drugs she never paid for a while ago – along with £20 interest.

cassie plummer, dean, coronation street

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The arrival of Dean immediately sparked Abi's suspicions, as she also used to score drugs from him in the past. Dean previously appeared in the show for Abi's relapse storyline in 2022.

Abi kept a close eye on Cassie and was disappointed to find her helping herself to the petty cash at the garage.

Reluctantly, Abi kept quiet about Cassie's mistake when Tyrone and Evelyn Plummer turned up in the middle of their argument. However, she also warned Cassie that she'd have no choice but to tell Tyrone everything if she ever stepped out of line again.

Taking matters into her own hands, Abi teamed up with Cassie and they summoned Dean to the ginnel for a showdown.

Abi ordered Dean to forget about Cassie's £70 debt, or she'd report him to the police with incriminating information about his life of crime.

abi webster, cassie plummer, coronation street

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She told Dean: "I remember enough of our old times to get you into some serious bother. Burglaries, car thefts, muggings. Oh, you loved running your mouth off, playing the big man.

"Six houses in one night on Tile Street. It made the paper – you showed me. The takings from the butchers at the back of the precinct. And who could forget Tommy Orpington's convertible? There's plenty more from your back catalogue.

"Cassie's money could be the hardest £70 you've ever earned."

Abi's warnings had the desired effect as a furious Dean scarpered.

cassie, abi webster, coronation street

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She then turned her attention back to Cassie, urging her to be more honest with Tyrone about how she's struggling to stay clean.

Cassie planned to unburden herself by sharing her worries, but when Tyrone and Evelyn both warmly praised her for turning her life around, she couldn't bear to disappoint them and stayed quiet.

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