Coronation Street's Evelyn makes sad decision after Cassie relapse

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Evelyn Plummer has made a heartbreaking choice to move out of No.9 in Coronation Street.

This sad development came about after her daughter Cassie overdosed in front of the kids after scoring pills with money she was supposed to use to buy Ruby some boots.

Evelyn initially convinced Tyrone it would be best if Cassie moved out, though Abi soon dropped by the precinct flat to secretly tell Cassie that her son hadn't given up on her.

cassie and evelyn plummer in coronation street

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Tyrone's mind changed after he agreed to accompany Cassie to a support group meeting, where she made up a story about how her mum kicking her out of the house kickstarted her life of drugs and prostitution.

This misleading story turned Tyrone against Evelyn, though Cassie begged him not to tell Evelyn what she'd said as she knew her lie could be easily exposed.

Tyrone later confided in Abi that he was going to invite Cassie to move back into No.9 no matter what Evelyn thinks — though Abi admitted she was unsure if that was the right decision.

In the night's final scene, Evelyn walked in on Tyrone speaking in hushed tones about her with Cassie and sarcastically asked if they'd like her to come back after they finished.

tyrone dobbs and cassie plummer in coronation street

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Tyrone lashed out at his gran, claiming that he couldn't understand how she could "turn [her] back" on her own daughter. Evelyn reminded Tyrone that she'd spend weeks trying to get Cassie sober only for her to relapse again.

"So what, you just going to give up on her again?" Tyrone angrily asked.

Evelyne insisted she was "too tired" to keep going around in circles with Cassie, but she balked when her daughter promised to sort herself out for good this time.

"It must be marvellous to be right all the time," Cassie angrily told her mum.

Evelyn shot back: "I would love you to prove me wrong, but somehow, I don't think you're going to do it by overdosing in front of your own grandchildren."

The kids happened to be coming down the stairs and overheard Evelyn's cutting remark, so she decided it was best for her to move back into the precinct flat since they'd never see eye to eye.

evelyn plummer in coronation street

"I think that'd be for the best," Tyrone told his gran.

A dejected Evelyn had to hide her heartbreak as she went off to pack her things, while Tyrone grappled with whether or not he'd made the right decision.

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