Coronation Street's Stu to be arrested in Eliza storyline

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Stu Carpenter is arrested next week amid the ongoing tensions over Eliza Woodrow's future.

Stu accidentally lashes out at a police officer after his access to Eliza is blocked in tense scenes.

Early next week, Stu accidentally worsens his own relationship with Eliza by bad-mouthing her father Dom.

When Dom fails to show up for a planned meeting, Eliza goes into a sulk and refuses Stu's suggestion to visit her mum instead.

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Stu loses patience with his granddaughter and claims that Dom clearly doesn't care about her if he keeps letting her down.

Eliza rushes off after these harsh words, running into the path of a car and getting knocked over.

The youngster is rushed to hospital for a check-up, with Dom finally making an appearance when he hears what happened.

Stu and Dom clash at the hospital, but Eliza sides with her dad and asks Stu to leave.

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Eliza then goes a step further, announcing that she wants to live with Dom. Stu is heartbroken, but Dom may not be keen either as he seems just as shocked.

Later in the week, Eliza ends up staying at Dom's house without Stu's blessing.

Stu accuses Dom of kidnapping Eliza during the night, but she clarifies that she ran away of her own accord and now considers her dad's place to be her home.

Stu asks social services to help resolve the situation, so a social worker turns up with a police officer.

stu carpenter, coronation street

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Social worker Felicity rules that it's best for Eliza to stay with Dom for the time being if that's what she wants.

Stu refuses to accept this and when the police officer tries to usher him away, Stu accidentally smacks him in the face. Dom couldn't be more smug as he watches Stu get arrested for assault.

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