Coronation Street's Todd Boyce teases Stephen and Jenny romance

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Todd Boyce has weighed in on his villainous character Stephen Reid's romantic reunion with Jenny Connor.

Corrie fans know that Stephen has never truly gotten over Jenny, not even during his relationship with Elaine Jones. Ahead of the new scenes, Boyce says the killer is "delighted" to have a second chance.

"He is delighted, she is the apple of his eye, he is insane about her and he can't believe they have finally got together, this has been a dream of his since they first met, even whilst he was with Elaine he really only had eyes for Jenny," the actor said.

The pub becomes crucial in Stephen's plan to win over Jenny. When she's unsure about the future after having sold the Rovers, Stephen offers her support and a few business tips.

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"He definitely witnessed her interaction with Owen and deliberately said the opposite as he knew that would get her attention but he also genuinely believed that he could help with some business ideas," Boyce said.

"He seized an opportunity which is very much Stephen's way of working."

However, the actor doesn't think Stephen would want to run the pub with Jenny as running the place from behind the scenes seems to be more his style.

"I think he sees himself as a kind of Mr Business so the pub would be something that he would like to advise on but not be involved with on a day to day basis," he explained.

"I couldn't see him front of house as 'Mein Host' but he would love the idea of living in the pub and running it behind the scenes."

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Stephen and Jenny shared a kiss last year during her romance with Leo Thompkins. The disgraced businessman killed Leo later that month when he meddled with his illicit affairs at Underworld.

As Stephen and Jenny may embark on a new relationship, Boyce warned that "[Stephen's] love for intelligent and sassy women could be his downfall".

"He likes women like that, Gabrielle had sass and intelligence but Jenny has the added element of being great fun, whereas Gabrielle wasn't a whole lot of laughs," he said.

"The thing is, his love for intelligent and sassy women could be his downfall, Gabrielle got the measure of him and what is to say Jenny isn't going to do that too."

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