Council recruiting for community support officer to 'make sure people are social distancing'

A council is recruiting for someone to enforce social distancing. (Picture: Yui Mok/PA Wire)

A council is recruiting for a community support officer dedicated to enforcing social distancing rules in place as part of the coronavirus lockdown.

The role is advertised by private security firm Kingdom Security, which reportedly helps enforce litter laws for Thurrock Council.

The role, which is paid £11 an hour, is described as a Flexible Community Support Officer and adds: “This assignment will be helping the council, patrolling the streets, park and other areas around the borough making sure that people are social distancing.”

The role, advertised by Kingdom Security, says the role will helping the council patrol the streets, park and other areas to make sure people are social distancing.

It says whoever gets the role needs to have a “calm and assertive manner with the ability to deal professional and diplomatically with people from all backgrounds” as well as a “resilient character, as some interaction with the offenders, can occasionally be confrontational.”

Applicants also need the “ability to defuse hostile situations professionally”.

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Last week data released by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) showed that more than 9,000 fines have been issued across England and Wales for people breaking lockdown restrictions.

In England, 391 fines were for repeat offenders, with one person fined six times, three people fined five times and six people fined four times.

The ad comes as the Telegraph reported that fines for breaching lockdown restrictions could nearly double for rule-breakers

A source told the newspaper that ministers are considering proposals that would see fines increase to £100 for a first offence and £3,200 for serial offenders.

The newspaper reported the source as saying while some social distancing measures would be relaxed, others would be toughened up.

“Hand in hand with the new rules will come tougher enforcement powers for the police to crack down on the small minority who break the rules – and stop them putting everyone else at greater risk,” they are reported to have said.

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