Coronavirus: IT workers want to permanently work from home

Two thirds of IT workers want to continue working from home. Photo: Getty.

Two thirds of IT workers want to stay working from home when lockdown is lifted, according to a new survey.

A lack of commuting, which would save both time and money, was the main reason, followed by greater flexibility, a reduction in meetings and having more space to themselves.

The research by business solutions firm, Hitachi Capital UK, also found 40% of UK workers were considering alternative ways to commute which were more eco-friendly, including buying an electric car.

The findings place IT staff in the top four professions that would prefer to work from home with recruitment and human resources in the top spot, followed by sales, and then science and pharmaceuticals.

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In contrast, those working in business and consulting, marketing and education were most eager to return to their regular place of work when restrictions end.

Robert Gordon, chief executive of Hitachi Capital, said: “Working from home has both its pros and cons, and our research shows that it could definitely have a lasting impact on the habits of IT workers.

“This changing landscape provides employers with an opportunity to re-evaluate their business models. Remote working has forced everyone to rethink their working practises and opens up new opportunities for attracting and retaining the best talent from a wider pool. It could also lead to operational savings, using agile working to offset the cost of expanding office premises.”

More than two-thirds of business owners and managers said they believed remote working was “the future” for their organisations in a survey by virtual agency Hoxby, with two-thirds of workers saying they enjoyed working from home.