Boy, two, recovers from coronavirus while battling leukaemia

Samantha Hall and her son Jackson who defied the odds (Picture: SWNS)

A toddler defied the odds after recovering from coronavirus while battling leukaemia.

Jackson Hall, two, was diagnosed with cancer in February and then tested positive for COVID-19 on 13 April. 

His parents Shaun and Samantha Hall had feared for his life because he was extremely vulnerable due to his illness.

But the toddler has now managed to recover from coronavirus, without experiencing any serious symptoms, and will continue with chemotherapy treatment for his cancer.

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Jackson and his sister Ava Hall (Picture: SWNS)

Samantha, 30, said: “After everything that has been publicised regarding COVID and the fact Jackson was classed as clinically extremely vulnerable - we assumed the worst."

She added: “COVID-19 has made Jackson’s leukaemia diagnosis a lot harder to deal with as a family, often causing us to spend a large amount of time apart as a family of four and also because we haven’t been able to see our extended family and have that support we needed.

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“Although the last few weeks of Jackson being home has been great, we had the worry of the virus over our heads the whole time.

“We were always thinking he might fall ill with it or our daughter might get ill.

“Luckily Shaun and [four-year-old daughter] Ava didn’t get any symptoms.

“I, however, came down with it early April and managed at home with it. It took me a good week to get over my symptoms but I’m OK now.”

Dad Shaun and Jackson Hall (Picture: SWNS)

Doctors have tested Jackson for COVID-19 now nine times, seven positive and two negative.

The family received the all-clear on 8 May.

Samantha said: “The treatment can be rough on Jackson and it’s heart-breaking to see him go through it, but we take the good with the bad and get through it together.

“Jackson has always been a happy, laid-back child and it’s amazing to see him take it all in his stride, we couldn’t be prouder of him.”

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Jackson Hall will now continue chemotherapy (Picture: SWNS)
Ava and Jackson Hall (Picture: SWNS)

Samantha added: “It makes us so proud and happy to see him get through this and we hope he gets a break soon.

“He’s been so strong. He’s got his big sister to help him through it all.

“He loves her very much and hopefully when all this is said and done we can take them to Disneyland.”

Jackson also had to fight off several infections including rhinovirus and fungal lung infection in the past few months.

His chemotherapy treatment is set to end on 23 April, 2023.

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