Pub accused of 'reopening' for VE Day despite coronavirus lockdown

The Plume of Feathers in Greenwich was accused of reopening. (Google)

A pub in London has been accused of opening its doors to the public despite the coronavirus lockdown still being in place.

Pictures posted on social media appeared to show dozens of revellers gathered at the Plume of Feathers in Greenwich to celebrate VE Day on Friday.

Under the government’s current social-distancing guidelines, pubs were shut back in March to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Some witnesses, however, told Metro that there were around 30 people outside the Plume of Feathers on the bank holiday - many of whom “were not socially distancing”.

The pub’s landlord Susan Rose claimed her establishment was following the government’s guidance at all times when they organised the event.

“Orders were taken outside of the pub and drinks were served outside in plastic containers. Distancing was working very well,” Ms Rose said.

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“If it appears there are people standing or sitting closely they would be families or friends that have self-isolated together.

“The beautiful weather made neighbours stay longer than anticipated by us, more people were coming for off sales and we decided to end the gathering,” she added.

It comes as health officials have said they fear Britons are starting to get complacent about the Covid-19 lockdown after traffic and mobile phone data revealed more people are on the roads and looking for directions.

Professor Stephen Powis, national medical director of NHS England, said on Saturday that "there was a little bit of concern" after the unseasonably warm weather drew big crowds to public spaces.

Scotland Yard sent officers on bikes to keep an eye on London's Hyde Park, while North Yorkshire Police revealed that 50% of shutdown fines issued so far have gone to tourists visiting beauty spots in the area.

Boris Johnson will reveal on Sunday the Government's "road map" on how it will lift restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.

The reopening of pubs and bars however is unlikely to happen any time soon, with some reports claiming they will not return until August and September.

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