Corrie's Sally Ann Matthews says Rovers Return could still close

Coronation Street's Jenny Connor may be facing even more worries over the future of The Rovers Return, as actress Sally Ann Matthews has teased that the pub could still be hit with closure despite Jenny's deal with Newton & Ridley.

After facing a financial crisis at the pub, Jenny managed to secure a last minute deal with brewery owner Henry Newton, who promised that she could stay on as manager and keep all of her staff after Newton & Ridley took over.

But Henry's words were thrown into doubt when Debbie Webster discovered that Newton & Ridley may be about to be sold to Jason Waterford - who has made no promises at all to Jenny about the future of The Rovers.

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Star Sally Ann has teased to The Mirror that, if the deal goes ahead, the cobbles residents may be faced with losing their beloved pub after all.

"She thought that if she could survive the pandemic, she could survive anything," the actress explained. "She did everything she could to save it, but the cost of living crisis and the fact people don't go out as much as they used to do, all played their part.

"She's absolutely devastated. The pandemic showed her that the Rovers is a place where the community can come together and laugh and fight and cry and break up and make up.

"She remembers it being a special place when she was a teenager and she recalls the laughter coming from it and she wanted to keep that alive.

jenny connor, coronation street

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"She sells the pub thinking that she can stay on as manager. But then it looks like the Rovers might not have any future at all."

The actress, who first played Jenny in a stint from 1986 - 1991 and returned in 2015, also spoke about Jenny's romantic relationships, saying that she is pleased that the soap is continuing to explore her love life.

"It's really important to show older women in a positive light and show them having passionate relationships - I'm all for that," she said. "Just because you've had kids or you're a certain age doesn't mean that road is closed off to you.

"In years gone by, you would have been seen as some kind of strumpet, rather than just as a woman who's still vibrant and active and looking for a partner, rather than accepting being a spinster of the parish."

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As for her future on the soap, Sally Ann confirmed that she isn't planning on going anywhere just yet.

"I've still got the same appetite for it that I ever had," she said. "If that ever went, that's when I'd go. I'm not somebody who does something at half measures."

But with Jenny getting romantically involved with killer Stephen Reid again, will she be facing serious danger in the near future?

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