What is the ‘cost of friendship’? One TikToker explains the challenging phenomenon

For some young adults, going out and finding new friends can be a challenge. For others, as pointed out by one TikToker, figuring out cost-friendly ways to hang out with the ones they have is its own challenge.

TikToker Tré Vayne (@trevaynebxtch) posted a video on Oct. 20 discussing the untold “cost of friendship.”

“Another thing they don’t prepare you for in adulthood is that every time you want your little friends over to your apartment, you gotta be ready to drop 60 bucks,” he says. “Just with the bare minimum of being a good host, making sure you have something for everyone … it’s always 60 bucks.”

People in the comments felt similarly to what Vayne was saying, finding it difficult to consistently provide food and be an all-encompassing host.

“I have finally told my friends ‘Hey, I can’t provide anything. So feel free to bring something for yourself,’” replied @annieprebb.

“For me to host it costs me $100 minimum, a week of anxiety at the thought of people being in my space, and 3 days of manic cleaning,” commented @lawdhammersey.

They were complaining about the cost of staying in, which is alleged to be cheaper than going out. According to Business Insider, the average person spends $81 twice a week going out. With this price taking its toll on young adults, several Gen Z-ers — many of whom are starting out in their careers and don’t have an abundance of disposable income — are coming up with ways to be with their friends while not breaking the bank.

Sarah Chia (@sarahhchia) posted a video at the beginning of 2023 suggesting free activities to do with friends.

She suggested having a vision board party, going for a walk or having themed TV show nights.

“If you do it on Canva, you don’t have to buy any supplies at all and it can all be digital,” she says, referring to the vision board party idea. “Lastly is one of my favorites and that’s just running errands together. Target may not be the best thing if you’re trying to save money, but just doing things you already had to do.”

In addition to Chia’s ideas, other TikTokers have shared “PowerPoint nights,” in which everyone creates a slideshow based on any topic imaginable.

“Why cant i have a friend group to do this with,” replied @urnofsugar. “It looks so fun.”

Whether they’re suggesting indoor or outdoor activities, TikTokers are offering up creative options for hanging with friends without needing a side hustle too.

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