Costco Is Jumping Right Into Fall With New Caramel Apple Mini Cakes

Costco wholesale bakery section
Costco wholesale bakery section - The Image Party/Shutterstock

Costco has already started celebrating the arrival of fall with the release of its fan-favorite pumpkin streusel muffins and famous pumpkin pies that fly off the shelf. Now, the big box retailer has fall enthusiasts talking again with the recent appearance of caramel apple mini cakes. These cinnamon and caramel-flavored treats are a Costco bakery item and come in a box of six large frosted mini cakes for around $9 as of September 2023.

If you have a sweet tooth and a penchant for apple and caramel desserts, these mini cakes might be right up your alley. According to an Instagram reel by a Costco fan, the consistency of the cake is pleasantly moist and not too sweet, while the condensed milk icing brings an element of creamy decadence. The mini cakes are also topped with cooked apples and a drizzle of caramel sauce for the perfect cozy fall dessert that is delicious straight out of the box or briefly warmed up in the microwave.

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Early Reviews Say The Cakes Are Sweet But Heavy

Costco's caramel apple mini cakes
Costco's caramel apple mini cakes - Instagram

While the caramel apple mini cakes haven't been on shelves for long, plenty of shoppers are taking to the internet to ask others if the treats are worth a try. While most early reviews are generally positive, some have been a bit mixed. One Redditor who responded to a post about the mini cakes commented that they were, "Not bad, but not what I was expecting."

The opinion that the mini cakes were not as expected was also echoed on another Reddit post, by a user who mentioned that the cake had more of a "corn muffin" texture and they wished it was softer. However, the same person also wrote that the dessert was still delicious thanks to its sweet melt-in-your-mouth frosting and warm and cozy cinnamon flavor. So if you enjoy slightly denser desserts, then this fall treat just might be the perfect cure for your sweet tooth.

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