Could SPECTRE Reveal Why James Bond is an Orphan?

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Sam Mendes has revealed the plot of ‘SPECTRE' will be linked to Bond's childhood. Very little is known of Bond's younger years in the films, but one thing that's certain from Craig's tenure as 007, is that he is very much an orphan.

Could ‘SPECTRE’ see Bond seeking the truth behind his parents’ deaths?

The director of the Bond film revealed this nugget of information in a new video blog from the film’s set. Watch it above.


“‘SPECTRE’ is a movie entirely driven by Bond,” Mendes explains.

"He is on a mission from the very beginning. He is on the hunt, on the trail of somebody. You don’t know why, you don’t know what he’s doing there, and that sense that something is up, is also tied to the second part of a crucial story from Bond’s childhood."

Fans of the James Bond books will know Bond was orphaned aged 11 when his parents Andrew Bond and Monique Delacroix died in a mountain climbing accident in France, and so here’s where things get interesting.

Christoph Waltz is playing a character called Oberhauser in ‘SPECTRE’ (although many suspect he may really be playing Bond’s nemesis Blofeld), and in the Ian Fleming’s original books, Oberhauser is the name of Bond’s childhood skiing instructor. Could Waltz’s character be linked to the death of 007’s parents in ‘SPECTRE’ somehow?

It would be a radical departure from the established lore of the franchise, but it could just work. After all, Mendes wasn’t afraid to delve into Bond’s past in ‘Skyfall’ where he visited - and then blew up - his childhood home.

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The director also reveals in the vlog that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and Ben Whishaw - who play M, Moneypenny and Q respectively - in ‘SPECTRE’, as he plans to develop their characters “much, much more.”


"I think what’s interesting post-Skyfall is that Bond is the one that has more experience than they do, and I think he’s got a greater wisdom."

"That’s very much what the movie is about: whether or not he should pursue the life he’s always pursued. Whether he matters, and whether he should continue or not."

'SPECTRE', which is shooting right now, is coming to cinemas on 6 November.

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